Best Engineering Laptop 2013: HP Envy 15-3040NR

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Laptops for those people in the field of engineering should be stacked with efficient hardware. Engineer students and workers must run multiple heavy-weight programs at once — which would put a whole lot of strain on any regular old laptop.

Yeah, you could probably go out and purchase a $600.00 laptop that will run engineering programs — but the lag will be so horrendous that it would be troubling to complete work efficiently.

So, look ahead into the future and purchase a laptop that will last awhile. Almost any laptop over $1000.00 will get the job done. If your having trouble finding a good laptop, than follow our guidelines below.

Engineering Laptop Needs:

I’ve taken a few engineering classes in class before and realize that you will need to run visual design programs, such as AutoCAD. Not only do these programs require an awesome processor — they require lots of hard-drive space to store the data.

Hard Drive Space: Alright, not only are you going to have to save all your engineering drawings, you likely are going to have a library full of music and other programs. Find a laptop with a hard drive of 750 GB or larger. Don’t even consider anything smaller.

Processor Requirements: Our suggestions are to purchase at least a laptop with an i5 processor. Preferably a i7 processor if you have the cash. Just remember you are making a long term investment and that engineering software is always upping their requirements year after year.

Amount of RAM: The more software you want to run at once, the more RAM you will need. Based off the usual engineering software, you will want anywhere between 6 and 8 gigabytes of RAM. However, the more, the better.

Here is a personal suggestion from the family at Notebook 2013. The HP Envy 15-3040NR laptop.

Best Engineering Laptop 2013

HP’s Envy 15-3040NR laptop is an excellent choice for an engineering laptop. All the hardware meets the requirements stated above.

The processing unit consists of a Intel Core i7-2670 quad-core processor with a clock speed of 2.20GHz. Furthermore, when needed, the processor can turbo boost up to 3.10 GHz.

Suspecting that you will be running a lot of engineering software, we’ve decided to choose a laptop with 8 gigabytes of SDRAM. Not all too bad, and you could always expand later on if you need more.

Now onto the hard drive, it has 750 GB of storage. Many engineers should be suited well with this amount of space. It really depends on how large the exported file size of your projects are.

Last of all, the display. It’s an important aspect to engineers because their job involves details. That’s why we’ve chosen a laptop with 15.6-inch 1920-by-1080 resolution display. Everything is picture perfect, really.

There is a whole lot more to be excited about with this 2013 engineering laptop. CLICK HERE for more information, including the price.

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