Best Laptop Brands 2013: Dell, Lenovo, and Others

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The laptop brand, it’s a detail that consumers refuse to pass up while in-search of purchasing a notebook computer. Many consumers believe that the most popular brand name companies ultimately serve up the best laptops. That’s not true in most cases and is the one reason you will find the best laptop brands of 2013 written below.

To kick things off, let’s clear up the reputation issue that has been going around over the past few years. Acer has set loose a multitude of sub-par laptop computers. However, there are also quite a few Acer laptops that run quite decently. It all comes down to the reviews that these laptops have received by actual users. Read reviews, you will learn a lot!

Three Best Laptop Brands 2013 best laptop brands 2013

Acer: Love or hate it, Acer deserves a spot on our best laptop brands of 2013. After releasing many successful laptops that have sold well in-store and online, they’ve convinced us that they deserve a spot. The company’s Aspire series has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars combined. If they continue to release laptops with similar hardware, they surely will continue as a hot seller through the rest of this and next year.

Dell: This company has been around since the beginning.  Year after year they continue to release top of the line laptops that blow away competitors. Lately, the Inspiron laptop series has lit up the market as it has been extremely successful  for the company. Each year they continue to manufacture new Inspiron laptop models. Another new and upcoming laptop series from Dell is the XPS. It’s an expensive laptop series, but defiantly worth considering.

Lenovo: Over the previous two years, Lenovo has absolutely busted into the laptop scene. They had the best customer reviews, innovative designs, and most importantly, their laptops are valued at the right price. Some prime examples that hold true to this criteria is the G580, Y580 and G585 laptops.

Other Phenomenal Competitors

Although those three laptop manufacturers topped our charts as the best laptop brands of 2013, there are plenty of other companies that deserve a round of applause. Apple, they are quite an expensive company, but they keep their laptop lineup plain and simple. Apple offers high quality Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs, both of which can be purchased with a  Retina Display (if desired).

HP, they also had a successful year in-terms of laptop releases. Consumers seemed really satisfied with a majority of the laptops that they released to the market.

Choosing The Best Laptop Brand

Just remember, sometimes the brand name doesn’t mean the laptop will be good or bad. The user reviews should determine if the specific laptop is a good buy. All manufacturers have released those few laptops that were reviewed poorly. It’s a part of the laptop ecosystem.

Share your experience with a specific laptop brand in the comments below. We would love to hear your best laptop brands of 2013.

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