Best Laptop Deals 2013: Finding Deals In Today’s Age

Rsto95 January 15, 2013 0

Attempting to find laptop deals in this day and age is tough. The easiest method at discovering a deal is scavenging through the internet or visiting multiple stores. But there are some alternatives at grabbing a laptop deal too.

Finding freshly released laptops on-sale is near next to impossible. Every now and then they do appear though. The best laptop deals on the market are found in the refurbished and used section. If you purchase refurbished, the laptop you will receive will be pretty darn close to being brand new (and running like it too).

The rest of this post will contain information on useful websites that will help you find a deal on a laptop.

Best Laptop Deals 2013

DealNews has created an entire section of their website and dedicated it to providing laptop deals to the public. Each and every day the database is updated with the latest deals available. They provide specifications and pricing on each laptop, along with where the laptop can be purchased at. Some deals are located online, at websites such as NewEgg or Amazon, while others can be found in physical stores like MicroCenter.

Deals2Buy has a separate database of discounted laptops. They feature a lot of deals based off of coupon codes. They state each laptops original cost along with a coupon code. They also provide the website you must visit to redeem the coupon code. Some laptop deals come in the form of a rebate.

TechBargains even has an organized list of laptop deals. They use a similar coupon-code system as does Deals2Buy. I enjoy TechBargains because everything is laid out in a format that can be compared with others.

It’s also important to note that laptop manufacturers themselves offer plenty of discounts to customers. Dell’s website has a section dedicated to their most popular laptop deals. There you will find the exact market value and the discount you will receive. HP runs a discount program too on their website. When a bundle is purchased, customers will receive a discount of $50.00 on the total cost.

Lenovo actually run a Twitter where employees tweet out the company’s latest discounts. I was surprised to find out that customers were saving between $80.00 and $420.00 on laptops that were cheap to begin with.

Toshiba runs an even more fascinating deal page than other retailers. Each laptop on the page was discounted between $120.00 and $265.00, although none of the laptops were priced beyond $830.00 to begin with. Most of the savings are instant, while few come in the form of a mail-in rebate.

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