Best Low Cost Laptop 2013: ASUS F55A-AH91

Rsto95 January 10, 2013 0

Anyone on the market for a low cost laptop will run into an quite a few issues along the way. You have to understand that in 2013 you’re not going to receive the best hardware if your only willing to spend $300.00 to $400.00 on a laptop. Typically, laptops of this price range are perfect for browsing the internet, school work, and work. They aren’t able to run high-end games or software.

One laptop that we felt fit the bill as being the best low cost laptop of 2013 is the ASUS F55A because it features a great operating system, along with decent hardware specifications for the price. Continue on to read our review of the ASUS F55A-AH91.

Best Low Cost Laptop 2013:

The ASUS F55A-AH91 is a $399.00 laptop that hit the market less than six months ago. It even sports the latest Windows 8 operating system. The laptop is about average in-size, being 5.80 pounds heavy and 1-inch thick. The exterior of the laptop was designed excellent. I love the unique black pattern that it features.

Out of all laptops I have owned in my lifetime, the trackpad and keyboard on this laptop has been the best. Its responsiveness and variety of functions has really began to amaze me.

The processing is on the high-end for the cost of the laptop. It’s a 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium B980 processor. As for the RAM, there is a decent 4 GB available. Many laptops of the same price-range have far lower processing specifications. Another un-named laptop of the same price has an AMD E-450 processor, which I have felt to be considerably slower than the Intel Pentium.

One negative aspect of the laptop is its battery life. Since ASUS had decided to implant a fast processor, they had to sacrifice around an hour or two of battery life. After using the laptop for a few months, I was only able acheive up to 3 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The hard-drive will store up-to 320 GB of data. That’s plenty enough of storage, and a great deal for the price of the laptop.

There are also many ports available on the sides of the laptop. These include: Two USB, Card reader, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet, Headphone, and Microphone.

On a media aspect, the quality of video and graphics is great, despite having just a 1366-by-768 pixel resolution. I really enjoy the audio experience of the ASUS in particular. Asus did a phenomenal job at delivering a great sound experience via their high definition SRS Premium Sound panel.

For more information on this laptop, along with specifications, click here to be sent to Amazon’s official website.


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