Best New Laptop For 2013: Dell XPS 13

Rsto95 January 9, 2013 0

Just days into 2013, we already have a bundle of new laptops hitting the market. One of those laptops happens to be an upgraded version of the Dell XPS 13. At the CES event in Las Vegas, Dell announced the upgrade and the features the ultrabook laptop will receive. Continue along as the features of this best new laptop for 2013 are discussed.

Dell XPS 13 Features

One of the most noticeable upgrades happens to be on the display-front of the system. Instead of a 1366-by-768 resolution, we’re looking at a full 1080p resolution display (1920-by-1080).  The display size still remains 13.3-inches, as like before. This certainly was the weakest part of the ultrabook laptop.

Quite honestly, that was the only upgrade that is worth chatting about. With a complete HD display, the Dell XPS 13 has a much better shot at competing head on with other competition.

The thinness of the XPS 13 sticks out like a sore thumb — at 0.71 inches. As for the weight, you’re looking at just 2.99 pounds. An ultrabook usually wouldn’t be crowned under a laptop category, however its specifications are worth the value.

Dell’s base model of the XPS 13 has a Intel Core i5 processor, clocked at approximately 1.7GHz, although turbo boost technology clocks at 2.6GHz. As for RAM, we’re talking 4GB, which is impressive for any ultrabook.

As usual, storage is based out of a sold-state drive. A hard-drive is too large to fit in such a small laptop. The base model has approximately 128 GB flash storage, which isn’t a lot. However, one advantage to flash storage is the faster boot and browsing times inherited.

On the audio-front, we’re talking basic Intel High Definition Audio. All ultrabooks will continue to lack quality audio hardware until a smaller quality audio chipset is invented.

Battery life of the XPS 13 is astonishing. On average, over 5 hours of battery life can be expected. Though, on low power settings it is possible to rake in above eight hours of run-time.

Best New Laptop For 2013: Others

Out of the few select-able laptops released in 2013, we would have to say that they all are of high quality thus far. If you click here, it will bring you to a separate post discussing  all of the laptops introduced in 2013. There are a few Toshiba, Dell, and Lenovo laptop upgrades this year so far.

We haven’t had the chance to try the latest Dell XPS 13 with the 1080p display, however we have tried the old XPS 13. One of initial thoughts of the original XPS 13 was regarding the display quality. The laptop was powerful on the processing front, but not the display front. So when the Dell XPS 13 finally hits the market later this month, we will grab it for testing purposes.

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