Desktop Replacement Laptop 2013: Dell Inspiron i17R-1316sLV

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People actively looking to replace their desktop computer with a laptop should be specifically looking for a more expensive laptop. It’s a known fact that cheap laptops will never provide you with the same pleasing desktop experience as the more ‘costy’ ones.

The challenge manufacturers have with laptops is that they have to spare processing hardware in return for a thinner laptop. With a desktop, consumers are careless about weight and thinness because they don’t have to carry it around.

Laptops that exceed the $550.00 price point should fare very well with the speed of most desktop computers. Some important factors involving searching for a desktop replacement laptop in 2013 can be found below.

Display Size: Laptops with a larger display, more notably above 16 inches, usually have better processors. Plus, there is a great chance your desktop display exceeded 20 inches, so a smaller display than 16 inches may seem just too small in comparison to your desktop.

Graphics/Display Quality: With the display size, you will also get decent quality. Assure that the resolution reaches at least 1366-by-768 pixels. Most laptops will surpass that point, however some low-end laptops lack in the display quality department.

Processor: When dealing with an Intel processor, than a Core i3 is recommended for low power users that enjoy surfing the internet, writing papers, and playing minor games. Anyone that wants to play moderate games or run programs like Photoshop should invest in a Core i5 processor.

RAM: Avoid all laptops that cross paths with you that have less than 4 GB of RAM. Anything less than that may not be powerful enough to run the operating system and large display.

Below is a brief review of the Dell Inspiron i17R laptop. It’s our suggested Desktop Replacement Laptop because it meets all stated criteria by a long shot. On top of that, it costs just $669.99.

Desktop Replacement Laptop

Switching from a desktop to a laptop can be tough. It will take some time to get used to the keyboard and trackpad — also the speed too. But the Dell Inspiron i17R will help you with that transition in many ways.

First of all, the display is 17 inches large. This should surely help ease the transition from a desktop to laptop. The resolution isn’t half bad either — 1366-by-768 pixels.

If your accustomed to an accelerated desktop experience, than you will be pleased with the laptop’s Intel Core i5-3210m processor. It even runs at 3.1 GHz. And, its 6 GB of RAM shouldn’t fail to load multiple programs simultaneously.

The touchpad works phenomenal. This is great news because you never actually know what to expect until you try it out. The keyboard is even full sized too — including the numberpad.

With that, I state the Dell Inspiron i17R as the best choice for a desktop replacement laptop. Click here for more information on the unit’s hardware specifications.

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