Sony Laptop 2013: The Brand’s Top Four Laptops

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Sony is an emerging company in the laptop universe and they’ve recently proven that with their VAIO laptop series. With the VAIO laptop offered in an assortment of configurations and sizes, there is undoubtedly a laptop to suit your needs available.

The VAIO laptop can be purchased in white, pink, or black. All of the latest models have an active choice in color. By reading below, you will find out information on the Sony VAIO’s top five laptops. Keep reading…

Top Five Sony Laptops 2013

VAIO E14 Series SVE14122CXW:  At the cheap price of $539.99 the Sony VAIO E14 offers a whole lot to consumers. Whether it be the luxurious 14 inch display with a 1366-by-768 screen resolution or the processing unit is up to you.

You will be enjoying Intel’s latest Core i3-3110m processor with 4 GB of RAM. That’s not too shabby for a laptop weighing 5.3 pounds and being 1 inch thick.

Battery life is another tactic about this laptop loved by thousands. It’s a suitable laptop for a car ride or airplane ride considering its 5.5 hour charge time.

Want more information? Click here to view full details on the VAIO E14.

VAIO E11 Series SVE11125CXW: If you’re looking for a more affordable low-end laptop than the VAIO E11 will be just dandy. It’s just $449.99 and is an excellent laptop for the most basic user.

With a 11.6 inch display and a resolution of 1366-by-768 — this laptop is extremely portable. It holds a weight of 3.3 pounds and is 0.93″ thin at its thinnest point. There is a down-side to that though — the processing unit is on the slow end. It’s an AMD 1.7 GHz E2-1800 processor with 4 GB of RAM.

The battery will last up to 4.25 hours on a full charge cycle when you are utilizing default brightness.

Want more information? Click here to view full details on the VAIO E11

VAIO E15 SVE15125CXS:  This being one of Sony’s best selling laptops has received nothing but positive reviews. It’s your average 15 inch display laptop, but nonetheless a great seller.

At $734.99 Sony could’ve added a lot better hardware overall. Its 1366-by-768 resolution could’ve been upgraded to 1080p at that price point. The 2.5 GHz Core i5-3210m dual core processor is a fine for the price. However, you will find many better deals out in public than the 4 GB of DDR3 RAM offered with the unit.

Battery life is a bit below average, at 2.75 hours on a single full charge. So this is a laptop meant for home — where a wall outlet is always handy.

Want more information? Click here to view full details on the VAIO E15.

Sony VAIO T Series SVT13124CXS: And, with the popularity of touchscreen laptops in 2013, we had to add a Sony VAIO touchscreen laptop to our lineup. This laptop, like their others, has a keyboard and touchpad — but now it’s a touchscreen, like a tablet.

Under the cover is a Core i3-3217u 1.8 GHz processor with 4 GB of RAM. If you’re seeing a trend, than you will realize all their laptops have 4 GB of RAM.

The display is 13.3 inches and the resolution is 1366-by-768 pixels. You can’t have too large of a touchscreen display unless you sacrifice over a thousand dollars.

Want more information? Click here to view full details on the VAIO E15.

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