Top 10 Laptops 2013: Best Performers

Rsto95 December 30, 2012 0

Different people have different needs when it comes to laptops, and this is exactly why it is very difficult to identify exactly which of the many models today should be included in the top 10 laptops of the year. However, if you are looking to buy a new laptop this coming year, we have created a list of the top 10 laptops 2013 for different purposes to help you find the ideal one for you.

HP Envy 17

Ranking first among the top 10 laptops of 2013 is the HP Envy 17, and most people are not really surprised. It is powered by the Intel Core i7 3610QM 2.3GHz processor with 8MB cache, together with 8GB of SDRAM. Its massive 750GB hard drive runs at a speedy 3200rpm and its 17.3” screen is capable of a maximum resolution of 1920×1080. It also has a battery that can last 7 hours. At 11.5 pounds, the HP Envy 17 is not really meant for people on the go but is definitely an excellent desktop replacement.

MacBook Promacbook pro

The different versions of the MacBook Pro are expected to continue selling well in the coming year because they are all packed with impressive specs. The popular 15-inch MacBook Pro runs on the very powerful quad core Intel Core i7 processors, which can be made even faster with the Turbo Boost function. It also features the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M discrete graphics processor. Other neat features of the MacBook Pro are a widescreen camera, a multi-touch trackpad and a very long battery life.

Dell XPS 15z

The XPS 15z is the thinnest 15-inch laptop in existence. It weighs just slightly more than 5 pounds, making it one of the top 10 laptops when it comes to portability as well. It is a great laptop to use for serious gaming, thanks to its Sandy Bridge dual core processor, its 1GB of DDR3 video memory, and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M graphics capability.

MacBook Air

If you are looking for a lightweight laptop that is capable of immense performance, you should look no further than the MacBook Air. The Core i5 and i7 processors of Intel are behind this notebook and it also has a more than adequate 512GB of hard drive storage, and a 720p widescreen HD camera. The price is also very competitive, with the 11-inch versions starting at less than $1000, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s included among the top 10 laptops for 2013.


The design of the VAIO S-series is unmistakably sleek and very professional. It is certainly portable because of its thin design, as well as the very light weight of just 4.4 pounds. It doesn’t lag behind other models either in terms of power, as it runs on a 2.2GHz Core i7-3612QM Intel processor and packs 8GB of DDR3 RAM. It also offers full HD display and hybrid graphics courtesy of NVIDIA technology, as well as a decent battery life of almost 4 hours.


Also included among the top 10 laptops in the 17”category, the N76VZ is a great notebook for personal or professional use because of its high speed and performance, and sizeable hard disk space. Its elegant but highly efficient design makes it truly a pleasure for anyone to use.

Toshiba Satellite P870

This laptop is relatively affordable at a little more than $900, considering its many features and capabilities. The base model is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM, which is not bad at all. There are some complaints about the capacity of its integrated graphics card but all in all, the Toshiba Satellite P870 is the ideal laptop to use for multimedia purposes.

HP Pavilion Dv7t

The biggest highlight of the dv7t is probably its large 17.3” screen and 1600×900 HD resolution. It also runs quite fast thanks to its Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. Glowing reviews have been given to this laptop, which consistently figures among the top 10 laptops of 2012 because of its superior performance, although some people find the 5 hours of battery life to be rather lacking.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z580

One of the more affordable laptops in the 15” category, the Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 is included in the top 10 laptops of 2013 for many reasons. Aside from its budget-friendly price, it also boasts of a solid and fast performance, more than decent graphics, efficient keyboard, and an elegant design. It is not as thin as some of the lightweight laptops in the same category but it is still portable enough for most purposes.

HP Envy 14

Most people who have used this laptop say that it is almost perfect. The Intel Core i5 processor gives it considerable power, and the 6GB of RAM definitely adds to the speedy performance. The 500GB storage is also quite impressive considering its small size. With these impressive specs, many people have actually ranked it first among the top 10 laptops of its size.

This list of top 10 laptops to watch out for in 2013 is based on consumer feedback and reviews from laptop experts, and is only meant to serve as a guide to help you make your choice. Before you take a final pick, make sure you consider all the features and go for the model that would serve your needs the best.

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